A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Game made for the first #GranadaJam Game Jam 2016 in 48 hours.

GranadaJam Page: Granada Jam

Theme: Alternate Reality

We tried a different approach to the game jam theme, trying to tell the story from two separate realities: the one inside of the main character's mind and the real world outside of it, which is shown to the player one he solves the puzzle in each stage. The story is told backwards.

Each puzzles attempts to represent through its mechanics the main character's interpretation of the events, the way his mind has built reality to explain what happened.

We tried to design a concept and structure that would take the best out of each team member's skills, so that they would show on the final result.


Known Issues:

  • The game has no menu or quit key. You must use Alt+F4 to close. Sorry!
  • The platformer phase is very buggy, no time to debug it properly. Sometimes you must close the game and restart. Sorry again.
  • Dialog phase has some instances where the correct dialog option must be entered two times instead of one (bug).

Install instructions

Unzip and run.

Windows and Mac versions provided.


Forgive Me.rar 30 MB
Forgive Me.app.zip 92 MB

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